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After a very long time dreaming of the possibility of reaching the goal of being able to run the Railroad Museum, we, the members of Whistle Stop Railroad Club, finally had our dream goal come true, so it is only natural, after all that time, that we should refer to it as "Our Railroad Museum". We are proud to be able to help add another interesting place for tourists to visit in Kingman, Arizona.

The Railroad Museum hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Wednesday's thru Sunday's all year long. Admission is $2.00 per person with children under 5 Free. Active Millitary Personnel are also admitted Free. The Museum is closed on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Cristmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, anD Easter Sunday. To contact the museum, phone: 928-718-1440.

This page is broken down into 3 Sections. Section one is for January through April of each year. Section 2 is for May thru August of each year. Section 3 is for September through December each year.
Each year the old section 1 gets moved to the archives page when the first movie or slideshow is put into that section. The same pertains to all 3 sections. 2014, being the first year this format was used, became a test year.
There were 6 slideshows or movies in Section 1 but the other 2 sections did not receive any slideshows or movies due to technical problems. Therefore, while the technical problems still exist, a way has been found to get all the slideshows and movies taken in 2014 onto all 3 sections before Christmas 2014. As of 11:20 pm on 19 Dec 2014 all 20 videos (Slideshows and Movies) were in place on this page.
BUT as a result of the delay the slideshows and movies taken in January and February 2015 will not be put in place until March giving the visitors to our website a couple of months to view all of 2014 shows. From March on, the slideshows will show up in the sections where they belong as soon as they are taken ----- OR ----- whenever the technical dificulties get straightened out.
At this writing we are beginning to see a tiny ray of hope, however, if there is any delay straightening out those dificulties clear into 2015, new slideshows and movies will be delayed being put in place until mid-June 2015. Of course most of us are hoping those dificulties will end very soon.

SECTION 1 of 2014 (January through April)

SECTION 2 of 2014 (May through August)

SECTION 3 of 2014 (September through December)

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