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Due to overwhelming public response to our Railroad Museum, new members interested in modeling, history, building and operating model railroad layouts are needed. You will have the opportunity to help in the museum, greeting our visitors and helping them to enjoy their visit. The social activities we used to have in our railroad club have been put aside temporarily while we worked hard to get the museum up and running, but we are working on restoring some of them starting in the near future and eventually we will be having the field trips restored as well. Please check out our Upcoming Events page to see what has been scheduled. Also, check out the Past Events page to see how we have restarted our social events.

For more information, call the Railroad Museum. Phone: 718-1440.


The Railroad Museum in Kingman, AZ is Operated by the Whistle Stop Railroad Club in cooperation with the City of Kingman and is located in the east end of the Train Depot (Amtrak Railroad Station) on Route 66 (E. Andy Devine Ave.) in downtown Kingman, AZ
The club members have built the Lionel O gauge and the HO gauge layouts from scratch beginning with the frame work of those layouts before they moved into the depot and adding everything to the frames after getting into the depot on 2 July 2012. The N scale layout was already owned by the club was made larger before moving into the museum and remodeled from the original after moving into the depot.
Work on the 3 layouts reached a point where the trains were running even though there was still a lot of work to be done but there was enough done so the club could open the museum to the public. Much more work has been and continues to be done to all 3 layouts. When initially finished, we will have the grand opening. In the meantime, please visit the Railroad Museum page on this website as well as the Archives page, to see all the work done from the start to the present day with lots of snapshots, slideshows, and videos showing all the changes and additions. And of course, visit the museum itself whenever possible to see in real life all the work done and in progress.

So -- After all the above -- Who are we? What do we do? How can you join our club?

These and many other questions can be answered on the pages within this website. If you don't see anything that answers your questions, then go to the contact page and send us an email. It should be answered within 3 days unless our contact person is on vacation, or otherwise can't get back to you that soon, Be assured your email will be answered.

Since this website has been started (in early 2011) there have been many changes. In order to keep up with the changes and page additions, refer to the summary of the pages, directly below.
Home --- this is the home page
About --- tells how the club got started and what we do
Contact --- e-mail contacts and misc links
Comments --- made by people who have visited this site
Donations --- artifacts and model railroad items needed by the club
Upcoming Events --- events listed as they are scheduled
Watching Trains --- vidoes and animations of trains running (both model train layouts and live trains)
Railroad Museum --- this page tells all about our Railroad Museum in Pictures and videos
Where are they? --- locations of model train layouts with public access
History --- this is a fairly new page and is developing slowly but surely. Please keep checking back
Archives --- this page contains the old displays from the Railroad Museum and the former Past Events pages
Maintenance of Way --- pictures and animations showing our members constantly working to improve the layouts---- Also pictures of live Maintenance of Way railroad workers and equipment.
Faqs & Stats --- this page contains various facts and statistics of interest
Membership --- the WSRRC's membership form for potential new members
General Info --- misc info - check here for addtional answers to your questions and FYI's
Our Recent Activities --- this page has pictures of the most recent activities at the Railroad Museum.

If you think this page has been somewhat informative, please check out our other pages for even more information and watch for the entertainment displays to be returned.
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Last updated: 11 June 2015